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Booher Library: 2020-21 Operations: Private Rooms for Online Meetings

"Zoom Rooms"

The library has 6 rooms available to Southwest students who need a private space to attend virtual class or meetings. Please reach out to to reserve a space. 

Private Room Guidelines

  • Please adhere to all the Basic Plans for Gathering. We will, too.
  • Because it is a closed office space, you may remove your mask in your assigned room. It is still a shared space, though, so please treat it as such. Store your mask carefully; information about safely handling masks can be found here.  
  • There is a sanitation station outside the room. Please wipe down the work space with disinfecting wipes before you use it and after you are done for the day.
  • There may be more than one chair in the room. This is so you have a choice of chairs. The room is single occupancy only. 
  • Please don't eat in the room. Water and covered coffee/tea are fine.
  • Please don't store anything in the room overnight. It is OK to leave items in the room between your sessions (like if you break for lunch), but when you are done for the day, please carry out everything with you.
  • Always assume someone will use the room after you are done, perhaps that very same day.
  • Make and cancel appointments by emailing or speaking to the staff person at the Welcome Desk. 
  • Please don't "give" your assignment to someone else. Please cancel with the library if you won't need the room.
  • If you don't arrive by ten minutes past your reservation start time or contact us to tell us you are running late, the staff may cancel your reservation and re-assign the room if someone else needs it.
  • For questions or concerns about these rooms, please contact the library director.

Updated January 22, 2021