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Resource Recovery at Seminary of the Southwest: Home

This guide provides information about recycling, composting, and other practical ways to care for creation in Austin, TX and on Southwest's campus

Green Team

All Southwest students, faculty, staff, and SPOTS are welcome to attend meetings of the Green Team. Since fall 2021, the Green Team has been meeting on the third Monday of the month at Community Hour to talk about ways we can take care of creation at seminary and reduce our carbon footprint. The next meeting will be Monday, November 28, 2022.

Questions? Please contact Liam Barr. MDiv middler, or Alison Poage, library director.


You are invited to watch this five minute introductory video message about Green Initiatives at Seminary of the Southwest from Dr. Tony Baker, Clinton S. Quin Professor of Systematic Theology, and Liam Barr, MDiv Middler. 

Composting on Campus

Compost goes in the green bins designated for compost. 

What is your carbon footprint?

Developed by the Diocese of California, this tool is a web-based application that helps individuals, households, workplaces, and congregations to measure your carbon footprint and make changes to reduce that footprint.

Recycling on Campus

Recycling goes in blue bins on campus. Remember: no plastic bags in the blue bins! 

Recycle clean plastic bags at HEB

Keep a bag of clean plastic bags where you live and work. Bring them to HEB every time you shop. A container at each of the main entrances at the Hancock Center HEB is available to receive clean plastic bags. Plastic bags cannot go in the blue recycle bins. In fact, plastic bags break machines at the recycling facilities. 

Battery Recycling at the Deanery

You are welcome to drop off your used batteries at the Deanery. Staff will take them to Recycled Reads for recycling. Please see this notice from the City of Austin on how to properly handle used batteries:


Austin Resource Recovery

Austin Resource Recovery provides a wide range of services designed to transform waste into resources while keeping our community clean. These services include:

To contact Austin Resource Recovery, please email us or call 3-1-1.