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Instructional - Guide to the Library for Southwest Alumni: Access to Electronic Resources

Access to Electronic Resources

Seminary of the Southwest students, faculty, staff, and alumni as well as Iona Collaborative students have access to Harrison Library electronic resources from anywhere in the world.

The Harrison Library has implemented OpenAthens as a means to authenticate users when accessing the library's electronic resources from off-campus. This change was made in summer 2019 and comes with a number of benefits to include: enhanced security, personalization, and a simpler seamless experience. That simpler experience means there's no need to memorize any additional username and password. All you need to log in is your Seminary of the Southwest Gmail account. Seminary Gmail accounts end in,,, or 

Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1

Ensure that you are not logged into any Gmail account that is not associated with Seminary of the Southwest. OpenAthens will deny you access since those other accounts are not authorized.

Step 2

Begin your search in Seeker, or at any of Southwest's LibGuides.

Once you begin searching or clicking on resources, you may see this prompt:

IMPORTANT: Click on the top box that says " - Sign in at Seminary of the Southwest."

Step 3

If you made it through step 2, or if you never saw the prompt in step 2, you should now see a screen that looks a bit like this:

Here is where you will use your appropriate SSW Gmail account:


You will need to know the password associated with the account.

Step 4 and troubleshooting

If you successfully have logged in, congratulations! Next time you sign in to use Southwest's e-resources, you will not need to log out of your other Gmail accounts if you are using the same device; you will simply choose your appropriate SSW account when prompted. 

If you don't remember the password associated with the account, please email and the seminary's IT staff will be in touch to assist you. 

If you are a graduate of Southwest but was never issued an Gmail account ending in, or don't know if you have one, please email and the seminary's IT staff will be in touch to assist you. 

If you are still having trouble, email and the library staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Sending us as much detail as possible about the trouble you are having is helpful.