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Wireless Printing: Home

Guest access to wireless printing

How it Works

Wireless printing is available to all library users. You may print to a library printer from your portable device (phone, laptop, or tablet) as long as you are connected to the seminary’s wifi network. Wireless printing supports Windows, macOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and Chrome OS. Wireless network information is posted on the library's bulletin boards.

Printouts, both black & white and color, are $.10 a page, regardless of whether you print on one side or two sides. (We encourage black & white, double-sided printing unless other options are necessary.) Anything printed by professors or research assistants for the purpose of class distribution is free of charge.

Once a print job is submitted you will need to speak to a staff member at the Welcome Desk to release the print job. Payment is accepted at that time. If the print job is for class distribution, please let the staff member know and the fee will be waived. 

Creating Your Account

To get started, first you will need to create an account in PaperCut, our wireless printing system. This only needs to be once.

  • Connect to the seminary's wifi network: SSW WIFI
  • Once connected, go to This will take you to the PaperCut login screen.

  • Click on the "Register as a New User" link on the bottom of the page

  • Fill out all of the requested information. Please note that "guest-" will be added to the front of the username you specify. 
  • When you click "Register", your account will be created and your information will be sent to your e-mail address. Please keep this e-mail for your records (You will not use your PIN or identity number).

Thank you for registering. Your details are:

Full Name: xxxxx xxxxx

Username: guest-xxxxx

Password: xxxxxxxx

Identity Number: 00xxxx

ID PIN: 0000

The identity number and PIN may be required to log into some devices.

Please print of take note of this information, and keep the password and PIN private.

You will also be sent a request to verify your e-mail address. Please complete this step as well.

This email address must be verified before it can be added to your account.

To verify, please click the following link and enter your username and password when prompted.

That completes your registration.

Setting Up Your Device

Please visit the following link, click on your type of device, and follow the instructions.

Windows, Android, and Chrome OS devices require a software download.  Mac computers require a one-time setup.  iOS devices require neither (only the username and password).

Your username and password

The printers are protected by a username and password which will you need to enter at some point (see the instructions for when to enter this information).  This username and password is the same as what you specified earlier.

If you forget your password, please contact the SSW IT department at to reset it.


The library has two printers: Library Student (located next to the computers) and Library Center (located behind the elevator).  Each printer is listed twice, once for black and white (“B&W”) and once for color.  The “B&W” printers print in black and white, even if you choose color in the printing preferences.  Please only print to the color printers if you actually need to print in color.


Confused? Just not working for you? We can help you with that.

Please contact library staff in person or at


the IT staff at