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GOE Prep: The Holy Scriptures

Seminary of the Southwest faculty-recommended resources to aid in answering GOE open resources questions.

The Holy Scriptures

  1. To reflect a knowledge and understanding of the content of the Bible.
  2. To identify and analyze the literary, historical and theological characteristics of biblical texts.
  3. To apply and evaluate the Bible's message in relationship to contemporary issues and challenges, with special attention to its place in Anglican tradition.

Source: General Board of Examining Chaplains website


Sample Question and Rubric with notes from Southwest Faculty

The most important skill you need to exercise in writing a GOE exam in Scripture is the hermeneutical circle. It is always referenced in the question; the trick is to discover it. Here is the question from 2019, as an example. The world of the text is highlighted in blue; the world behind the text is highlighted in red; the world in front of the text is highlighted in green. In addition, theological statements and questions are highlighted in brown. Additional notes from SSW Professors are in italics.

Sample GOE question and rubric.

Material provided by Dr. Steven Bishop, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Master of Divinity Program, and The Rev. Jane Patterson, PhD, associate professor of New Testament and Director of Community Care at Seminary of the Southwest.