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Seminary of the Southwest Class of 2020 Recommended Reading List


Perhaps you are wondering what you should read before becoming a student at Southwest. Or maybe members of the Class of 2020 have been your mentors or friends during your time here.

Every spring, on the shelf by the staircase, the Booher Library staff displays the book recommendations from our graduating class. This year, we are capturing their recommendations on this LibGuide. With thanks to the Class of 2020, the Booher Library staff presents their recommended reading list. - Alison Poage, Booher Library Director   

Drew Brislin, MDiv '20

Bryn Caddell, MDiv '20

Laurent De Prins, MDiv '20

Constance Fletcher, MDiv '20

Laura Masterson, MDiv '20

Mike McElwee, MDiv ' 20

Lizzie McManus, MDiv ' 20

Lucy Strandlund, MDiv '20

Christina Wisdom, MSF '20