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Electronic resources provided by the Harrison Library at Seminary of the Southwest


Seminary of the Southwest's electronic resources are available to students in schools of local formation within the Iona Collaborative network. If you need assistance accessing these resources, please refer to the Access to eResources Libguide. For additional support, please contact the Harrison Library staff at


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ATLA Scripture Search is a tool that allows you to search for scholarly articles by specific Bible chapter and verse. Read more about ATLA Scripture Search here.

ebooks: Foundations for Learning

ebooks: Hermeneia: Old Testament Latter Prophets

Hermeneia Old Testament: Writings

Hermeneia Old Testament: Apocrypha and Noncanonical Jewish Writings

ebooks: Hermeneia: New Testament Gospels and Acts

Hermeneia: New Testament Hebrews, Catholic Epistles, and Revelation

Hermeneia New Testament Noncanonical Christian Literature

ebooks: Wisdom Commentary