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Instructional - Guide to the Booher Library for Southwest Staff: Home

This guide is a designed with Southwest staff in mind.


This informational guide about the Booher Library is a designed with Southwest staff in mind. If you don't get your question answered here, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help.

This guide was last updated on August 18, 2022

New for Fall 2022

Staff: If you visit the Deanery after 5pm Monday through Thursday or on weekends during the library's "restricted" hours, please note that the front door will be locked. Please ring the bell and our staff will let you in. 

Please let your visitors and guests know about this procedure as well. Please feel free to alert the library of any guests you are sending our way by emailing

Hours of Operation

How to Contact the Librarians

Have a question for the librarians? Please email us at

Photo depicts a place to sit in the Deanery, near the new book section in the sunroom on the second floor. Photo credit: Alison Poage

Library Staff

Alison Poage

Booher Library Director

Duane Carter

Booher Library Assistant Director and Electronic Resources Librarian

Marlon Patterson

Booher Library Access Services Librarian

Tommy Lim

Access Services Intern

Arlyn LaBelle

Access Services Intern