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Topical - Resources for Racial Reconciliation and Justice: Race/Racism

Books, articles & more in support of communities talking about race.


"Time and again, racist ideas have not been cooked up from the boiling pot of ignorance and hate. Time and again, powerful and brilliant men and women have produced racist ideas in order to justify the racist policies of their era, in order to redirect the blame for their era's racial disparities away from those policies and onto Black People."

- Ibram X. Kendi, author of Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (Nation Books, 2016). 

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Teaching Tolerance

A database for learning materials for educators, counselors, or other professionals to teach children from kindergarten to high school ways to support social justice and learn anti-bias.

We view tolerance as a way of thinking and feeling—but most importantly, of acting—that gives us peace in our individuality, respect for those unlike us, the wisdom to discern humane values and the courage to act upon them.

Jesus Isn't White

"What if Jesus embodies the groups that are so often marginalized and oppressed? What if Jesus embodies refugee, religious minority, dark skin, poverty, sexual scandal and persecution for gender identity? What if Jesus saves us from our sins of racism, classism and Islamophobia and other forms of xenophobia? What if the saving grace of Jesus is meant to deliver us from the hell we create with our hate?"

Mayo, Laura. "What if White Christians had a More Realistic Image of Jesus, a Dark-Skinned, Religious-Minority Refugee?" Baptist News Global. 4 Dec 2019. Web. 8 Dec 2019.