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Instructional - E-nnouncement 2023-24: 9/29/2023

Focusing on all things digital.


Did You Know?

Urgent Update: The NYTimes has a new way of registering for access!




It recently came to our attention that students were trying to register for the NYTimes without any luck. Apparently, the NYTimes has changed an important link in the registration process. They have also add a new link that will allow you to register while off-campus as well. Click on the New York Times logo above to be taken to our newly updated libguide and follow the steps provided.


Right at the end of the spring semester we gained access to two important Alexander Street video series: 1) Academic Videos Online and 2) Behavioral and Mental Health Online. Click on the E-nnouncement from May 19, 2023 in the archive section for more details.

In this section we want to highlight two additional points to be aware of:

  • Accessing a video from off-campus
  • Sharing a video

Accessing from off-campus

1) Either click on the Electronic Resources page and find the Alexander Video series you would like to access OR If you know the name of the video you can search for it in Publication Finder.

2) Once you click on one of these you will be prompted to log using your SSW Gmail credentials:

3) When you get to Alexander Street you should see the Access Provided by Seminary of the Southwest note at the top of the screen. If so, you have successfully authenticated and can watch your selected videos:

Sharing a video

To share a video with a classmate or other authorized Southwest user, you will need to grab the permalink from Seeker.

1) To share the entire series, just copy the link from the appropriate series on the Electronic Resources page:

2) To share a particular video, located it in Publication Finder then click on the title:

3) Click on permalink in the right-side column. The permalink will open above the title. Copy the permalink to share: