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New York Times: NYTimes in Education

NYTImes in Education

This site comes with the NYTimes, but requires a separate registration. It provides you with several subject areas from which to choose. The Times will gather all the articles associated with the subject areas you choose and email them to you weekly. To get started follow the simple registration instructions below.

Step 1

1) Go to

2) Click on the Register button in the top right-hand corner:

Step 2

1) Fill in the information about you and your password

(To make it simple and easy to remember, I used the same password from the NYTimes)

2) Choose your subject areas:

3) Click Sign Up

Step 3

1) You should have landed on the page celebrating your Success!

2) Click on Click Here and log in

Step 4

1) You can click on any subject area to explore. The results look very similar to what you will receive in your weekly emails:

2) Want to change your subject areas or add more? Go to My Account > Account Settings:

3) Click Save Changes