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Everything you need to know (and maybe more).

The Course Reserve Collection

Physical items in the Course Reserves Collection are shelved in the Deanery on the first level. This collection includes: 


- The current semester's physical items assigned for reading or viewing 

- Counseling exam material

- Latinx Counseling Concentration (LCC) material


Electronic books can be found in Seeker but are also linked from this LibGuide. Click on the blue tab for specific semester you are looking for.

Course Reserves Policy

Students are responsible for obtaining assigned readings. The seminary Book Store publishes a list of required course books prior to the beginning of the semester. After the semester’s book list is published, the library creates a Course Reserves collection for the semester. One copy of each required course book will be added to the Course Reserves collection as either a print book or an ebook. The Course Reserves collection prevents one person from checking out course books for the entire semester. The Course Reserves collection is not meant to be a substitute for students obtaining required course books. The library will not attempt to supply class sets or multiple copies of course books. The librarians can guide students on how to optimize the benefits of the Course Reserves Collection. Learn more by visiting the Course Reserves LibGuide.

Circulation Exception

Current semester items check out for four hours. Past semester items circulate for 4 weeks. Counseling exam material and Latinx Counseling Concentration (LCC) material circulate for 1 week.

A Seminary of the Southwest student or professor may check out course reserve items right before closing, but the items must be returned right at the beginning of the next library business day.


If you have questions about the course reserves or notice something is missing, please email