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Off-Campus Access: Home

This guide describes how to use OpenAthens, a single sign-on solution for off-campus access to the Booher Library's electronic resources.


The Booher Library has implemented OpenAthens as a means to authenticate users when accessing the library's electronic resources from off-campus. This change comes with a number of benefits to include: enhanced security, personalization, and a simpler seamless experience. That simpler experience means no more seminary/squirrel, 5eminary/5quirrel, purple/orchid, or any other yearly generated username/password you might forget. All you need to log in is your Seminary Gmail account.

Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1

Ensure that you are not logged into your personal Gmail account. OpenAthens will deny you access since your personal account is not authorized.

Step 2

Begin your search in Seeker.

Once you click Search, you will get this prompt:

If you are on a computer where more than one Google account has been accessed, you may see a list of Gmails to choose from instead of the picture shown above.

Step 3

Here is where you will use your appropriate SSW Gmail account:


After you login, you will be automatically redirected back into Seeker to your search results.

Serials/E-Resources Librarian

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