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Off-Campus Access to e-Resources: Privacy

This guide describes how to use OpenAthens, a single sign-on solution for off-campus access to the Booher Library's electronic resources.

A Note About Privacy

The first time you login using OpenAthens you will be presented with a relatively short privacy document alerting you to how your data is used. You will need to make a choice, either to accept or decline this usage.



One of the benefits of OpenAthens is enhancing the user experience through personalization. This benefit is only afforded to those that accept the data use policy. 

In the past, in order to save articles, ebooks, journal or book information, you needed to create a folder. The creation of this folder required you to provide some information about yourself and to create a username/password. If you were every to forget this information, we would have to contact EBSCO to try to retrieve it. 

Personalization means your folder is totally integrated into your search experience. Once you login to begin your search in Seeker you are also automatically logged into your folder.


Should you decide to decline, you will still be able to access the materials you are searching for, however you will not be able to save them in your folder. 

Managing Data

Should you like to see what data has been collected over the previous 12 months, or you decide you would like to remove your data from your EBSCO account, you may do so at any time. Go to the Update My Account link on the top menu bar:


Then scroll to the very bottom where you will see:

Clicking on this link will you take you to a page where you can Request a Report or Remove My Data.

Be sure to read carefully, as removing your data could actually remove something you might want to keep.