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Seminary of the Southwest faculty-recommended resources to aid in answering GOE open resources questions.

General Ordination Exams

The canons (III.8) require that before ordination a Candidate must be examined and show proficiency in (1) The Holy Scriptures; (2) History of the Christian Church; (3) Christian Theology; (4) Christian Ethics and Moral Theology; (5) Christian Worship according to the use of the Book of Common Prayer, the Hymnal, and authorized supplemental texts; and (6) The Practice of Ministry in contemporary society. These are known as the six canonical areas.

Source: General Board of Examining Chaplains website

Please note: while this is a public LibGuide, some of the resources on this guide are available only to Southwest students, faculty, and staff.

11/4/2022 Session Slides: GOE and Canonical Exam: Logistics, LibGuide, and Library Resources

Access slides from the 11/4/2022 session called GOE and Canonical Exam: Logistics, LibGuide, and Library Resources.

Writing resources from Dr. Claire Colombo

Dr. Claire Colombo is the Assistant Professor of Writing, Theology, and the Arts and Director of the Center for Writing and Creative Expression at Southwest.

GOE Test-taking in Booher Library

Photo credit: The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen, MDiv '18


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Suggestions and Tips from the GBEC

General Board of Examining Chaplains

The official website of the General Ordination Exams. This page gives suggestions and tips for taking the GOEs.

General Board of Examining Chaplains. Suggestions and Tips for Taking the GOE. n.d. Web. 08 Nov. 2019.

Previous GOEs

Previous Questions

A collection of the previous GOE questions from 2003-2022.

General Board of Examining Chaplains. Previous GOES. n.d. Web. 08 Nov. 2019.