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GOE Prep: Christian Worship

Seminary of the Southwest faculty-recommended resources to aid in answering GOE open resources questions.

Christian Worship

  1. To identify, distinguish and articulate the major characteristics of the history and praxis of Jewish and Christian worship in general and of Anglican and United States Episcopal liturgy in particular, especially with regard to the contents and use of the Book of Common Prayer and the various hymnals and authorized supplemental texts.
  2. To examine and analyze the ways in which liturgy, church music and theology have been brought together in addressing ancient and contemporary worship praxis.
  3. To observe and analyze liturgical history and praxis and apply them to contemporary situations in ways that are pastorally and musically sensitive and ritually effective.

Source: General Board of Examining Chaplains website

Primary Texts

Many of these primary texts are available in full and in more recent editions for free online. Please see the Online Materials box for links to these electronic resources.

Secondary Texts


Recommended Texts