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GOE Prep: Christian Ethics and Moral Theology

Seminary of the Southwest faculty-recommended resources to aid in answering GOE open resources questions.

Resource from Cambridge

Resources from Oxford University Press

Christian Ethics and Moral Theology

  1. To demonstrate an informed awareness of the principal spheres of ethics (subject, object, context) and moral theology.
  2. To describe and illustrate the principal categories of ethics and moral theology (major approaches and basic terminology).
  3. To demonstrate an informed awareness about how Christian ethics and moral theology apply the structure and content of faith (Christian or other) to intentional preparation for, and reflection upon, individual and communal living.

Source: General Board of Examining Chaplains website

Notes from Dr. Bader-Saye

Resources from Wiley-Blackwell

Resources on the Open Web

Thomas Aquinas

An online version of Aquinas' Summa Theologica with each section helpfully identified by its contents.

Summa Theologica

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

An online collection of essays on various topics and philosophers, particularly helpful in giving background on philosophers. It can be searched or browsed alphabetically.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy