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Seeker: Understanding Widgets: WorldCat




If a library’s materials can’t be found, they can’t be used. WorldCat gives people the ability to view library collections from anywhere in the world, giving them access to a rich assortment of information much deeper than what can be found through a basic internet search. WorldCat provides the high-quality data that power discovery of library resources and make library collections visible to the largest resource-sharing community in the world. 

Using WorldCat

  • Begin your search in Seeker.
  • Like Google Books, the best use of WorldCat comes from searching a book or journal title. This search provides the user with a list of titles corresponding with the terms searched.
  • By clicking on a title you are presented with a list of libraries that, according to the libraries' shared records, indicate that they have the item you are searching for.
  • This list can be made more relevant by limiting it to the libraries near your location by entering your zip code.

A word of caution: The results are only as accurate as the information provided WorldCat by the participating libraries. Therefore, it is recommended that once you find an item, check the library's catalog to verify it is truly there and available.