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Access - New eBook Shelf: Project Muse


Project MUSE books are ebooks made available through the Project MUSE publishing platform. Project MUSE ebooks can be searched directly in Seeker. All content of the electronic books are full-text, accessible in PDF format, and fully searchable and retrievable at the chapter level. No Digital Rights Management (DRM) are attached, allowing users to print, copy, download, and save content. Books available in the collections contain current publications that are released simultaneously as their print versions.

Hermeneia Old Testament: Writings

Hermeneia Old Testament: Apocrypha and Noncanonical Jewish Writings

Hermeneia: New Testament Gospels and Acts

Hermeneia New Testament Noncanonical Christian Literature

What about other Hermeneia books?

If you don't see the volume you are looking for, it may not be published yet. Take a look at this Hermeneia brochure from Fortress Press. As always, please email the library staff at with any questions.

Foundations for Learning

ebooks: Wisdom Commentary