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Instructional - Guide to the Library for Southwest Students: Lockers


The lockers are located in the Harrison Library on Level 2 by the Canon photocopier. They are intended for shared, daily use. If you need to secure something in the library while you take a break from using the library, read on!

Rules for Use

  1. Do not store anything overnight. Please remove your belongings from the locker before the library closes.
  2. Do not store anything perishable.


To use the locker:

  1. Place your items in the locker and close the door. Remember which locker you chose!
  2. Press “C” to clear the keypad.
  3. Enter any 4 to 7 digit code and press the “key” button. Remember the code!
  4. Turn the knob and the locker is secure.

To retrieve your items from a locker:

  1. Return to the locker in which you secured your items.
  2. Press “C”
  3. Enter the same 4 to 7 digit code and press the “key” button.
  4. The locker should unlock. Turn the knob and open the locker.

Having trouble? Please see a member of the staff at the Access Services desk, or email

Lockers in the Harrison Library