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Instructional - Guide to the Booher Library for Southwest Students: Printing and Scanning

Printing and Scanning

The library has three Kyocera printers for printing, photocopying, faxing, and document scanning and one book scanner, the KIC BookEye 4 (pictured on the right). The name of each printer is posted on the device. There is only one printer on the second level of the Deanery and that one does not print in color.

The library offers wireless printing. Please consult these wireless printing instructions to get started. If you need help with wireless printing, 1) ask the library staff for help and 2) if library staff cannot get your device printing wirelessly, email the IT staff at 

You may also print from the library's computers.

Printouts (black & white or color) are $0.10 a page, including both sides of the page. 

When it comes time to pay for print jobs, there is a change box on the front desk for coins or bills. If you need change, please ask a staff member. You may also make a check out to Seminary of the Southwest and put “library copies” in the memo line. Don’t have cash with you? It is acceptable to pay the next time you visit the library. 

Some types of print jobs are free of charge, such as anything printed for:

  • class distribution on the behalf of the professor
  • distribution at Seminary of the Southwest liturgical services
  • the purpose of fulfilling a work study assignment 

Scanning is free of charge. 

Before using the scanner/copier, please be familiar with the Seminary of the Southwest’s Copyright Policy

KIC BookEye 4

In fall 2021, the Booher Library added a KIC BookEye 4 to our collection of scanning equipment. It is built especially for scanning books! Please feel free to drop by to use it when the library is open, or schedule an appointment to receive a short orientation on how to use the device by emailing

Photo depicts the Access Services Librarian using the KIC BookEye 4 to scan a chapter from Bishop Andy Doyle's book, Citizen : Faithful Discipleship in a Partisan World. Photo credit: Alison Poage