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Instructional - E-nnouncement: 11/18/2022

Focusing on all things digital.




RitePlanning is the next phase in liturgy planning software for the Episcopal Church. RitePlanning is a library of liturgical and music resources used to design liturgies. It includes prayers, lectionary texts, music selections, and clip art. It makes planning worship services quick and easy. It is fully customizable, has content for special services, and unlike its predecessor, it is available anytime, anywhere thanks to cloud-based design!

If you are involved with liturgy planning on-campus, be sure to contact us at so that we can set you up with access to this powerful program.

So now, let's take a look!

A Closer Look

1) First, go to the RitePlanning website and enter the login information we send you.

2) Once inside there is a lot of good information. The left-side column has a list of upcoming Sundays, Feasts, & Commemorations to choose from. The right-side column has texts corresponding to the next Sunday on the above calendar. Changing Sundays will update these texts.

3) Above the calendar section is a menu. If you are planning a liturgy not listed below, click on the Planner button to begin a new liturgy.

4) From the new calendar page that opens, choose the date you would like to plan.

5) Once you choose a date, you get to choose the service you would like to plan for that date. Click Plan It to begin.

6) After choosing a Rite, the remainder of the planning is just a process of following the steps in sequential order. Easy as 1...2...3...4!


Coming Soon

Austin Faith Dialogue

Austin Faith Dialogue was a television program about interreligious dialogue among the various faiths in the Austin area. This television series aired for twenty years. Many of the topics discussed are still extremely relevant today.

The Harrison Library housed the VHS tapes for many years and added new ones after they aired. When the show ended in 2008, we were asked to be the curators of the series, at which time we decided to digitize them onto archival DVDs for preservation. Now, for the first time, they are being made available online!

Did You Know?

Healing the Healers is a multimedia video resource collection showcasing intimate peer-to-peer conversations with exceptional faith leaders on issues of crisis and trauma to be used in classrooms curriculums, as congregational tools and for self learning. Each video and accompanying expert guide offers strategies and insight to educate and prepare current and emerging faith leaders in how to address challenging issues in order to:

  • Recover from communal trauma
  • End domestic violence
  • Heal divided communities experiencing extremism and racial injustice
  • Save lives for Youth Mental Health
  • Address pandemic burnout for chaplains