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Instructional - E-nnouncement: 2/10/2023

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Religion and the Arts is an interdisciplinary journal that promotes the intersection of religion and the verbal, visual, and performing arts. It allows for discussion on the role of religion in cultural studies as well as critical overviews of scholarship in particular areas. You will find reviews and interviews as well as comments and debates of recent developments on the religious and spiritual aspects of works of art.

A Closer Look

Whenever you perform a search in Seeker, Religion and the Arts will be searched for keywords as in any search you do:

However, if you know the volume/issue, the easiest way to access Religion and the Arts is to locate it using the Publication Finder tab of Seeker.

1) Search for Religion and the Arts in Seeker.

2) For the most current issues, choose Brill.

3) You will be taken to the Religion and the Arts website on Brill. Choose the volume and issue you wish to access.

4) You can either click on the title to read the article on the site, or click Download to save the article to your computer.

Coming Soon

Austin Faith Dialogue

Austin Faith Dialogue was a television program about interreligious dialogue among the various faiths in the Austin area. This television series aired for twenty years. Many of the topics discussed are still extremely relevant today.

The Harrison Library housed the VHS tapes for many years and added new ones after they aired. When the show ended in 2008, we were asked to be the curators of the series, at which time we decided to digitize them onto archival DVDs for preservation. Now, for the first time, they are being made available online!

Did You Know?

Image is another wonderful journal where religion and the arts intersect. "Image fosters contemporary art and writing that grapple with the mystery of being human by curating, cultivating, convening, and celebrating work that explores religious faith and spiritual questions." Inside each issue you will find poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual art and culture. If you are not yet acquainted with Image, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

We are fortunate enough to have access to Image both electronically* and in print. Just search for it in Seeker under the Publication Finder tab to explore it:

* Please visit the library's Electronic Resources page and scroll down to E-Resources Requiring Additional Authentication to get the credentials for online access