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Spiritual resources are designated across common Mental Health Counseling Graduate Courses (including the 8 CACREP domains) for use in teaching, learning, and practical application of spiritual integration in counseling.

Spirituality and Counseling CACREP Based Database of Resources

About:  This site is for anyone interested in finding resources on the topic of spirituality and counseling.  The pages are arranged by the classes we offer in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Seminary of the Southwest.  Feel free to peruse each page and find references for articles and books that may enrich your understanding of spirituality and counseling.


Spiritual Integration in Counseling


  • "Expanding our View: The Ecology of Spiritual and Religious Coping in the Midst of Stress, Crisis, & Trauma" - workshop co-led by Maria Spellings, Awa Jangha, Gena St. David and SIC Scholars Regan Emfinger & John Thomas- December 9th, 2022- Richmond, TX
  • "Teaching Forgiveness and Mindful Self-Compassion to Help Communities Heal"- poster presentation co-led by Awa Jangha and SIC Scholar Jordan Weinert- TACES Mid-winter Conference: February 28th, 2020- San Antonio, TX
  • Online offering of "Spirituality and Ethics: Applications to Counseling Practice Workshop"- hosted by Seminary of the Southwest and co-led by Gena St. David & Awa Jangha (CEU credit no longer available, but the video and power point can be found on the 'Online Workshops' tab)


Spiritual Integration in Counseling (SIC)

Seminary of the Southwest values the importance of spirituality across all of its programs. Spiritual integration is particularly essential in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MHC) program because it allows students to be proficient in the provision of holistic support to clients.  The seminary has had a vision of spiritual integration that has been in progress for some time. 

Focus on spiritual integration in counseling allows for deepened development of the pedagogy and training offered by our faculty throughout our curriculum and within workshops presented locally and nationally.  We have 3 core classes that our counseling students take that specifically focus on spirituality.  We also have a program for Spiritual Integration in Counseling Scholars (SIC Scholars). 

The vision of the SIC Scholars Program is to serve the community by training spiritually equipped counselors.

The mission of this SIC Scholars Program is to: 1) provide education across the theological and psychological fields and 2) to prepare students to provide spiritually competent counseling services to diverse client populations in Austin and throughout Texas.



Faculty- Loise Henderson Wessendorff Associate Professor of Spiritual Integration in Counseling